Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to IE for the upcoming EBSLG Continental Meeting*. This year’s meeting spans two wonderful cities, Segovia and Madrid. The welcome cocktail and the first part of the meeting will be held at our campus in Segovia, and the second part of the meeting will take place at our Madrid campus.

The meeting will be focused on sharing experiences and ideas about the new era of communication and how it is improving levels of access to libraries as well as enhancing their visibility, not only academically but globally.

We have organized a workshop in which we can all participate actively and enjoy working on ideas for improvements in our libraries and schools, rounding off the learning process with cultural visits to institutions related to our field. We will also be sharing our own experience in the world of “cloud computing”, and how it has transformed our work in several ways, including how we manage our services and what our end users think of the improvements designed to make it easier to search for and retrieve the information they need.

In short, our idea is to share a few days of fun and culture while learning.

We really hope you enjoy it!

Warm regards,

Amada Marcos


The European Business Schools Librarians’ Group was inaugurated in 1970 by several business librarians in order to exchange their experience and professional knowledge. The purpose of EBSLG is to provide a pan-European forum for the directors of the libraries of leading European business schools. Members meet twice per year to discuss issues of mutual interest, share information and participate actively in working groups. Interests include managerial and administrative issues and trends, co-operative initiatives to aid the provision of information in business schools, and opportunities for international collaboration and networking. www.ebslg.org